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presents our

Little Gems

Just like a fine diamond, we believe the "Four C's" are very important!


Parti Color Yorkies - Parti Color Yorkys - Party Color Yorkies

Parti Color Yorkies

Parti Color Yorkies Look at our precious Parti Color Yorkies. We are one of few breeders in California to offer rare Parti Color Yorkies. Look to Corwnridge Gems for your parti color yorkies

Parti Color Yorkys

Parti Color Yorkys from Crownridge Gems. Our Parti Color Yorkys all have beautiful coats. We breed only the highest quality parti color yorkys. Look to Crownridge Gems for your Part Color Yorkys

Party Color Yorkies

Party Color Yorkies from Crownridge Gems

Our party color yorkies make the perfect holiday gift. Look to us for all your party color yorkies needs.

Parti Color Yorkies from a Parti Color Yorkys breeder you can trust. Party Color Yorkies

The prime pre-requisite of fine diamonds is also our prime goal. Our rare Parti-color AKC registered Yorkshire Terriers are marked to perfection. Their eyes are masked in black and tan, and their eyelids and noses are properly pigmented. Their glowing white coats are complemented by black saddles or perhaps a few black spots interspersed in the iridescent-white, flowing hair.

CONFORMATION: Our Yorkies are very well-conformed to the breed standard. They have beautiful, small heads with dark, sparkling eyes, small erect ears, and good bites. They have level top lines, well-set legs, and properly carried tails. They average about four to six pounds.

CHARACTER: Our Yorky's have wonderful temperaments. They are lively, little clowns who enjoy life to the fullest. They love children and are alert, confident watchdogs. Their intelligence is notable. Their elegant carriage belies their feisty, spirited attitude.
COATS: Our Yorkies' coats are silky and fine. The iridescent, glowing, white hair is the "crowning touch"!


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